Garage Door Installation & Replacement Services in Ossining Ny

Your garage door needs some work done, but you don’t have the time or skill set to fix it yourself. That’s where we come in for the people of Ossining, NY! We’re Weston Builders, and we provide premium garage door installation services at an affordable price in Ossining, Westchester County.

Here are some examples of what we can do for you with your garage doors in Ossining, NY:

  • Having trouble opening or closing your garage door?
  • Maybe your track is loose or misaligned; we can tighten those up so that they work properly again.
  • Want to update the look of your garage with a new colour or style?
    We can paint or replace panels on your existing door so that it matches your aesthetic perfectly!

Problems with Garage Door

When your garage door is not working properly, it can be extremely frustrating. If your garage door has been giving you trouble, then we are the specialists in Ossining, NY, with whom you need to speak. Here are some common issues that we see often:

  • The door doesn’t open or close properly.

  • The motor makes an awful noise when it tries to lift or lower the door.

  • There’s oil leaking from the joints where the springs attach to the arms inside the track.

These are just a few examples; there are many other problems that can occur with garage doors as well.

We always make sure to provide our customers with the highest level of garage door replacement services possible in Ossining, NY. This will enable them to get back to what matters most in their lives as quickly as possible.


Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

When it comes to garage door replacement, we have seen it all! There's nothing that can throw us for a loop because we've seen it all before! Our skilled technicians are trained to find any problem quickly and efficiently. This means you can get back to enjoying your day without having to worry about whether or not your door will open or close properly. Whether your garage door is making strange noises or not working at all, we can fix it for you!

  • Expert & Professional
  • 225 + Successful Projects Done


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