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When protecting your house from the weather, your roof is the first line of defense. Damage to the eaves of your house might result from a leak in the roof. There is also the chance that birds or pests may take advantage of the opening in the roof and make your roof their home. It doesn’t matter what the cause of the roof issue is. Replacing it will probably be expensive.

So, it is better to get your roof installation done by a trustworthy company.

Are you looking for a roofing installation company? Stop searching, because you’re in the right place.

Weston Builders NY provides high-quality roof construction for Mamaroneck, NY, and the surrounding areas. We focus on providing high-quality installations for residential and commercial properties. When you choose us, you can be certain that you’ll get a durable roofing system since we know what makes one.


Roofing Contractors in Westchester County, NY

Maintenance, installation, and cost-effectiveness of roofing services

Here is what you need to know about roof maintenance and roof replacement when searching for a business or residential roofing contractor:

Fixing leaks and inspecting the roof

There is a wide range in the required upkeep for various roofing types and materials. When correctly built, slate requires very little in the way of upkeep. On the other hand, cedar shakes need to be maintained regularly to keep their waterproof sealants and coatings in proper shape. And if the storm damages your roof, you may need to replace some shingles. Our roofers can provide you with an honest evaluation of your roof’s condition.

When A Roof Should Be Installed

A newly installed roof should be replaced if the age of the roof exceeds its estimated service life. This is because severe weather has caused roof damage to your house or building. When installing a home’s roof, the roofing contractor you choose is much more important than the roofing material. We put safety first, always use the correct procedures, and work quickly to limit disruptions to your home or business.

  • Commercial roofing

The roofing requirements for big commercial factories with flat roofs differ from those of small shops with residential roofing systems. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a roofing contractor that is well-versed in all applicable regulations, standards, and best practices for every possible roofing material, particularly commercial roofing.

We are the go-to place for any roofing or siding needs. We can assist you with weatherproofing your building, regardless of its size or pitch.

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  • Residential roofs

Because of this, you must invest in high-quality materials and have them expertly installed. You want a roofing system that looks great, protects your home well, and lasts for a long time.

As a result, we provide a free consultation call for residential roofing so you can tell us what you value most and we can assess your property. This will allow us to provide you with an exact price quotation and make the necessary preparations for a suitable installation depending on your roof’s slope and current condition.



Roofing is our life’s work, and we love it. A job well done keeps us moving forward. This requires an in-depth understanding of roofing processes. This requires keeping abreast of changes to regulations governing fire safety and construction in Mamaroneck, NY New York. Our mission is to provide roofing systems that are tailor-made for each building.

We expect more from ourselves. Whenever we provide you with a quote, we guarantee to meet or beat it. We will do everything in our power to meet the deadlines we set with you, every time! There is a valid reason why our previous customers are so eager to share their positive experiences with us with their friends, family, and colleagues in the business world. We want to be pleased with every roof we install, and so far, we have been satisfied.

The consultation call is free of charge, so call now to find out what makes us unique.



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